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Iowa City&Coralville
   Old Capital Mall
   December 16th & 17th  
    This year’s Holiday Showcase will be on Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17th.  We will be at the Old Capital Mall for the performances.  Please check the Holiday Showcase schedule for your student performance day and time. 
Also, remember about the food drive that will be taking place during our Holiday Showcase.  Please bring a canned good and place in the container provided and it will be given to the local food bank. Please help us celebrate the season by giving to others! We appreciate your support.

 December 25th  thru January 6th
  There will be no lessons given Monday, December 25th  through Saturday, January 6th.  Regular lessons will resume on Monday, January 8th. 
  We do not cancel lessons automatically if the schools cancel for the day.  Many times school is cancelled with bad weather in the morning, but it has cleared enough for safe travel by afternoon and evening lessons. 
  You can always check with West Music or call Nancy (354-3085) anytime if you are in doubt
  This is one of the times of year that you may notice your piano starting to sound different.  The humidity changes in the fall will cause most of our pianos to go out of tune.  This is a good time to contact your piano technician to schedule a tuning.  If you need a recommendation for a good technician, contact your teacher, or call Nancy.
  Playing on an in-tune piano is more enjoyable and much more fun to listen to, as well.

  In our lesson program, current ten month students pay $10.00 per month more than our twelve month students.  This ensures the student’s placement in our fall schedules.  Families with more than one student enrolled in lessons pay $4.00 per student, per month, less than the single student rate. 
  Students who have been with us longer often pay a lower rate than those who have started lessons more recently, filling ever fewer time slots.  It is our policy to make a raise in August, each year, for those who have been with us more than 2 years, and are not at their teacher’s current rate for new students.  Rate increases will also reflect changes in 12 month or 10 month and family or individual student status.  We have had to make larger than usual increases in lesson rates this year, especially for families who have been with us for more than 5 years, due to substantial increases in our overhead costs over the last few years. 
  If you have any questions, please email Tina at West Music,, or Nancy at 345-3085.  


                   CONTACTING TEACHERS

      When contacting your teacher please use the e-mails and voicemail numbers below.
TINA –        VM # 1394
ZACHERY–      VM # 1435
NANCY –            PH  # 354-3085  



 Saturday, December 2nd
 West Music Co.
      Our annual IMTA Piano Festival will be held on Saturday, December 2nd at West Music in Marion. Students work with one of our IMTA certified master teachers on two memorized pieces. Saturday teaching schedules may be interrupted.  Your teacher will make special arrangements with their Saturday students if necessary.
  West Music Co.
   Saturday, December 16th
   1:30 – 4:30 pm
     Our Holiday Showcase this year will be held on Saturday, December 16th on the sales floor at the West Music store in Marion.
      Our families and shoppers will enjoy our performance experience this month as we play seasonal music.  Your performance times are enclosed.  Please check your time. If your time does not work for your family, please contact Allison as soon as possible.
       We hope that you will come a little early and stay a few minutes after your own performance to listen to some of your friends play.  If you want to be sure to hear a particular student, please double check their performance time with them.  The schedule does change as families call with conflicts of time.
 All of us at the Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers wish you a safe and Happy Holiday.
 December 22nd thru January 5th   
 There will be no lessons given Friday, December 22nd through Friday, January 5th.  Regular lessons will resume on Saturday, January 6th.  Have a great break.    

  We do not cancel lessons automatically if the schools cancel for the day.  Many times school is cancelled with bad weather in the morning, but it has cleared enough for safe travel by afternoon and evening lessons.  Safety is always our first concern, but because of so many different family circumstances, coming to lessons needs to be a family decision.  If a lesson is missed, families need to try to get make ups scheduled during our make up days or with special arrangements with your teacher.
  If we are canceling lessons for the whole day, your teacher will call you.  If in doubt, you can always call West Music. 
 January 14th 
 IMTA Recognition Recital
 West Music, Marion
 2:30 pm
 January 20th
 IMTA District Auditions
 Orchestra Iowa School
 119 3rd Ave.
 Downtown Cedar Rapids           


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