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Iowa City&Coralville
  Your fall lesson time was emailed to you in July and will be emailed again along with this newsletter. Please contact your teacher right away in you have any questions regarding your fall lesson time. 
    Our summer session ends Friday, August 4th.  There will be no regular lessons given Monday, August 7th through Saturday, August 19th.  Have a great end to your summer.
    Our fall schedule begins with lessons starting on Monday, August 21st.  Your lesson time should have been emailed to you in July. If you have a conflict, please contact your teacher right away.  We do our best to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.
    Each of our teachers will figure the number of lessons each of their families received during our seven week summer session.   If your family did not receive the equivalent of seven half hour lessons, we will make an adjustment in your September  billing.
    Twelve month students receive 44 lessons per year with monthly charges spread evenly over the year. 

  In our lesson program, current ten month students pay $10.00 per month more than our twelve month students.  Families with more than one student enrolled in lessons pay $4.00 per student/per month less than the single student rate. 
  Students who have been with us longer often pay a lower rate than those who have started lessons more recently, filling ever fewer time slots.  It is our policy to make a raise in August, each year, for those who have been with us more than 2 years, and are not at their teacher’s current rate for new students.  Rate increases will also reflect changes in 12 month or 10 month and family or individual student status.
  If you have any questions, please call Tina at West Music, 351-2000 x:1394 or email her at or call Nancy at 345-3085.
 Natalie Farewell
  Everyone wants to wish Natalie Landowski the very best on her next adventure in her music career.  There will be a gathering on Thursday, August 3rd at the Recital Hall at West Music from 6:30-7:30 pm for those who want to wish her well. We will miss her very much!

                   CONTACTING TEACHERS

      When contacting your teacher please use the e-mails and voicemail numbers below.
TINA –        VM # 1394
ASHLEY –  VM # 1393   
NATALIE–  VM # 1435
NANCY –            PH  # 354-3085  


    SUNDAY, JULY 23rd  
  West Music, Marion
 2:30 pm
  Please keep in touch with your teacher about vacation and camp schedules.  We try to get the equivalent of seven half hour lessons in during the summer.  If a refund is needed for your family, it will be applied to your account on your September billing.  Summer lessons end on Friday, August 4th.
 August 7th – 19th
  There will be NO LESSONS from 
  August 7th through August 19th. 
   We take a late summer break before school begins.
  Our fall session will begin on
  Monday, August 21st.
  Our fall lesson schedule begins on Monday, August 21st.  Your fall time will be emailed to you later in July.   Check with your teacher to confirm your times.
  Please let Allison know if you have any conflicts with your fall time. Her schedule is full, but she will work with you to figure out a time.
 National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy
       All of the Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Center teachers will be attending the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy in Lombard, Illinois from Wednesday, July 26th through Saturday, July 29th. Allison will try to reschedule those missed lessons on Wednesday and Thursday sometime during the summer session. Please work with her on what time would be best for a make up. 

      Currently, in our lesson program, 10 month students pay $10.00 more per month/per student than our 12 month students. This ensures the student’s placement in our fall schedules.  Our 10 month plan includes thirty-seven lessons, late August through the end of May, which is billed in ten equal monthly payments.  Our 12 month plan includes forty-four lessons billed equally over the calendar year.  This includes a 7 week summer session in June and July. 
     A minimum of 4 lessons per family during the summer session is required to maintain your 12 month tuition rate.  Fewer than 4 lessons will cause your monthly rate to increase by $10.00 per student/per month.  For some families this could be $20-$30 more per month.
     If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tina at West Music, 351-2000 or email her at


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