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Iowa City&Coralville

  The Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers’ students performed wonderfully at the IMTA District Auditions again this year. We had 38 students compete.
  The following 17 students received special honors:
Level A
Daniel Ounda, Pine    1st  Alternate
  Bhandary-Narayanan, Cree    Hon. Mention 
Theo Williams, Cree    Hon. Mention

Level B
Alex Hoffman, Chapman   Winner
Himani Laroia, Chapman   Winner
Iris Williams, Cree   1st Alternate
Nicolas Pendland, Cree   2nd Alternate
Abby Guo, Cree   Hon. Mention
Drew Larson, Chapman   Hon. Mention
Jozsef Polyak, Cree   Hon. Mention
Greyson Reed, Chapman   Hon. Mention

Level C
Ella Hackathorn, Cree   Hon. Mention
Olivia Heyne, Pine   Hon. Mention

Level D
Paul Cornell, Cree   Hon. Mention  
Savanna Josephson, Cree   Hon. Mention

Level E
Austen Mattingly, Cree    Hon. Mention
Sarah Rice, Cree   Hon. Mention

 Saturday, March 10th thru
 Saturday, March 17th  
  There will be no regular lessons taught during Spring Break.  Regular lessons resume on Monday, March 19th.

 Saturday, April 14th 
  If you need a special scheduled time for the Festival and Trophy Contest or will not be here on April 14th.  Please contact your teacher as soon as possible.
 Keyboard and Cookies Concerts
 West Music, Coralville
  Tina’s Students
  Saturday, April 7th
  5:00, 6:00, & 7:00 pm
  Nancy’s Students
  Sunday, April 8th
  2:00, 3:15, & 4:30 pm
  Sunday, April 15th 
  Matt’s Students   1:30 & 3:30 
  Zach’s Students   2:30 & 4:30
  Our concerts in April feature the music students have prepared for their Festival and Trophy Contest evaluations.

Up Coming Events

Saturday, March 10th      IMTA State Auditions

Mon-Sat, March 12-17   Spring Break

Saturday, April 14th     Festival /Trophy Contest

Sat/Sun May 19th-20th    Spring Recitals

 ** Please turn over for the 
 IMTA Theory Honor Roll list **
 2018 IMTA
 State Theory Honor Roll
           The following students received 90% or above on their IMTA Theory test, 
       placing them on our IMTA State Theory Honor Roll.  Congratulations, students!!

 Tina’s Student
 Alex Hoffman & Paige Davis
 Zach’s Students
 Sydney Schwindt (100 %), Anna Greenlee, Daniel Ounda, 
Madison Verry, Olivia Heyne (98%), Alaina Greenlee 
 Nancy’s Students
Alma Bhandary-Narayanan (100%), Spencer Guo (100%), Theo Williams (98%),  
Tommy June Simmons, Erin Partridge, Jonathan Berry, Abby Guo, Ada Gilchrist, 
Liam Venzke,  Jozsef Polyak, Paul Cornell, Savanna Josephson, Sierra Josephson,
      Austen Mattingly, &  Evelyn Smith (98%)


  In our lesson program, current ten month students pay $10.00 per month more than our twelve month students.  This ensures the student’s placement in our fall schedules.  Families with more than one student enrolled in lessons pay $4.00 per student, per month, less than the single student rate. 
  Students who have been with us longer often pay a lower rate than those who have started lessons more recently, filling ever fewer time slots.  It is our policy to make a raise in August, each year, for those who have been with us more than 2 years, and are not at their teacher’s current rate for new students.  Rate increases will also reflect changes in 12 month or 10 month and family or individual student status.  We have had to make larger than usual increases in lesson rates this year, especially for families who have been with us for more than 5 years, due to substantial increases in our overhead costs over the last few years. 
  If you have any questions, please email Tina at West Music,, or Nancy at 345-3085.  


                   CONTACTING TEACHERS

      When contacting your teacher please use the e-mails and voicemail numbers below.
TINA –        VM # 1394
MATT -   VM # 1393 
ZACHERY–      VM # 1435
NANCY –            PH  # 354-3085  




          SPRING BREAK
      Saturday, March 10 thru
         Saturday, March 17th
  There will be no regular lessons taught during Spring Break.  Regular lessons resume on Monday, March 19th.
                KEYBOARDS AND
              COOKIES CONCERTS
           Sunday, April 8th
         2:00, 3:00 & 4:00 pm
  This Keyboard and Cookies Concert will feature students that will participate in our Keyboard Festival and Trophy Contest being held on Saturday, April 14th.
Saturday, April 14th
10:00-11:30 am & 12:00- 2:00 pm
  Our Keyboard Festival and Trophy Contest will be held on Saturday, April 14th from 10:00 – 11:30 am and 12:00-2:00 pm in the recital hall at West Music in Marion.  If you need to play earlier or later within the time allotted, please let Allison know right away.  She will be scheduling the festival before Spring Break.  If you can’t make it on April 14th, please let Allison know right away so she can make other arrangements
    Our teachers have been and will continue to add extra teaching time to accommodate make up lessons
    Missed lessons are not refunded unless a make up cannot be done by the end of the year.  Arranging make ups for illness or other family or school activities are the responsibility of our families, NOT the teachers’.
   Our teachers will work to arrange make up lessons because of bad weather throughout March.  Please try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.
   If you need to schedule a makeup, please contact Allison by e-mail or stop in and talk with her.  

           Thank you for your cooperation.

                TWO GRAND 
                   SPRING RECITAL
             Sunday,   May 20th
                        5:30 pm

Our year end Spring Recital is scheduled for Sunday, May 20th at 5:30 pm at Coe College in Daehler-Kitchin Auditorium.


    Last day of school session
         Saturday, June 2nd
       Early Summer Break
      June 4th through June 16th
    Summer Session begins
     Monday, June 18th

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