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About Our Program
Welcome to the Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers where we believe that integrating computer and   music technology with traditional piano lessons is the best way to keep students in lessons as long as possible.

The Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers is a proven and highly successful keyboard education program.  Nancy has been teaching since 1974 and developing the integrated acoustic/electronic studio since 1986.  In partnership with West Music, there are five studios in three locations (Coralville, Iowa City, and Marion), using her approach and helping students experience the power of making music.

The goal of the Nancy Cree program is to have students continue lessons clear through high school.  This gives them the skills they need to keep playing for the rest of their lives.

The Keyboard Learning Centers’ studio includes:  grand piano, electronic keyboard, top of the line digital piano with multiple track sequencing, computer for work with theory software, and audio and video centers.  The integration of the acoustic and electronic equipment into the program gives students the best of both traditional lessons and the use of the latest technology in our teaching methods.

With a lot of choice in the music they learn, and the use of all styles of music:  jazz, rock, movie themes, classical, hymns, folk, etc., students are motivated to learn and keep learning for years.

From the beginning, students experience the reinforcement of performance with our six informal Keyboards and Cookies concerts, and our more formal IMTA Recital and Two Grand Spring Recital.

Our monthly billing includes a family’s statement for charges for the month as well and News Notes.  Families are charged one monthly fee which includes all music costs, contest fees, concert, and recital fees.  News Notes gives activity and calendar information for each month of lessons.

The Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Center’s comprehensive approach to music education offers the greatest possibility of success for students from five to eighty five.

The Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers are brought to you in partnership with West Music.
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