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                                         Contacting Teachers

When contacting your teacher please use the e-mails and voicemail numbers below.                PH: 319-351-2000       VM # 1394

ALLISON -     PH: 319-351-2000       VM # 5113                     PH  319-321-1651

Billing Information

Currently, in our lesson program, 10 month students pay $12.00 more per month/per student than our 12 month students. This ensures the student’s placement in our fall schedules. Our 10 month plan includes thirty-seven lessons, late August through the end of May, which is billed in ten equal monthly payments. Our 12 month plan includes forty-four lessons billed equally over the calendar year. This includes a 7 week summer session in June and July.

The equivalent of 7 lessons per student during the summer session is required to maintain your 12 month tuition rate. Fewer than 7 lessons will cause your monthly rate to increase by $12.00 per student/per month. For some families this could be $20-$30 more per month.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tina at West Music, 351-2000 x:1394 or email her at

Rate Changes

Just reminding you that it is our policy to have a rate increase each year in August. Rate increases will also reflect changes in 12 month or 10 month families, as well as family vs. individual status.